Investigation of Saline Peat Extraction Areas through Geoelectric Surveys

The extraction of marine peat for salt production in the Wadden Sea of North and East Frisia is considered to be the cause for the destruction of extensive areas of cultural landscape; the extraction, along the North Sea coast, of the so-called saline peat for the production of the Frisian Salt continued into the High Middle Ages. New investigations were intended to establish whether the formation of the Jade Bight between the 13th and 16h centuries had been accelerated, if not caused, by the large-scale extraction of saline peat. To this end, areas of possible saline peat extraction were geophysically surveyed for relevant sub-surface structures. The investigations were carried out in conjunction with the Jade Bight Project.  


Siegmüller, A., Bungenstock, F. (2010) Salztorfabbau im Jadebusengebiet. Prospektion von anthropogenen Landabsenkungen und ihren Folgen. Nachrichten aus Niedersachsens Urgeschichte 79: 201-220.