Booklet on the Preserved in the Moor project published

In recent years, extensive interdisciplinary research has been carried out as part of the "Preserved in the bog" project in the area of the Ahlen-Falkenberger Moor, Cuxhaven district. The focus was on Neolithic megalithic tombs, which were invisible for thousands of years in a prehistoric landscape overgrown by the moor and thus largely spared from destruction by modern land cultivation. Only large-scale geomagnetic measurements, combined with an extensive drilling programme and archaeological excavations carried out at individual burial sites, have provided new information about the distribution of the graves, but also about their construction and the environmental conditions prevailing at the time of their construction. The project has aroused so much public interest that the project team led by Dr. Moritz Mennenga has decided to compile the most important results of their investigations in a richly illustrated and generally understandable German-language brochure, which can be ordered for a nominal charge from local heritage societies, but also from the MoorIZ and the Burg Bederkesa Museum. The brochure is also available for free download on the Internet.