On the trail of the hunters gatherers from Neuenwalde

As part of the DFG project "The Mesolithic in Northwest Germany", the scientists at the NIhK are looking for traces of the last hunter-gatherers in the region. Those lived in the Mesolithic period between 9600 – 4000 BC on temporary camp sites in the wooded North German Plain.

To investigate this period, it is important to locate well-preserved sites. The best conservation conditions are found in regions with permanently waterlogged soils. In the district of Cuxhaven, the southern edge of the Ahlen-Falkenberger Moor has turned out to be a particularly promising area for good find preservation. In order to record the exact location of find concentrations, the team led by project manager Dr. Svea Mahlstedt carried out intensive prospection work. More than 500 holes have been hand-drilled to date. The soil obtained from this is sieved and searched for finds such as small flint knives and hazelnut shells.