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Svea Mahlstedt

Dr. rer. nat., Magistra Artium (M.A.)


Research associate

Tel.: +49 4421 915-149





Curriculum vitae
since 2014Research associate at NIhK
2012Doctoral dissertation “Mesolithic in western Lower Saxony, Germany. Studies on material culture and landscape use”, Kiel University
2008 – 2011PhD Scholarship of “Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst”
2008Travel grant awarded by the Danish PhD School in Archaeology
2006 – 2007Scientific staff member at LWL- Museum of Archaeology, Herne
2004 – 2006Scientific assistant at LWL- Museum of Archaeology, Herne
2004M.A. in prehistoric archaeology, Kiel University
2002Licence Scientific diver, Kiel University
1998-2004Studies in prehistoric archaeology, physical anthropology and European ethnology at the Universities of Tübingen, Kiel and Aarhus


Research priorities
Stone age
Flint technology
Underwater archaeology, water-logged sites


Current research topics
• Subaquatic and terrestrical research on early Neolithic at Lake Zwischenahner Meer
Interdisciplinary investigations on pingo remnants als environmental archive


Memberships, honorary offices
President of the Association to Promote Urgeschichtliches Zentrum Wildeshausen e.V.