Research project on the Elbe as transport route during the Roman Iron age and the Migration period granted

For research into the importance of the Elbe transport route during the first five centuries after Christ, two sites near Assel, district of Stade in the Elbmarsch, are of special importance. In particular, finds recovered during systematic metal detector prospecting by the Stade district archeology department – ​​including many Roman coins and remains from the processing of non‐ferrous and precious metals – show that the people living there had supraregional contacts and that among them were specialized craftsmen. In order to enable the scientific evaluation of this extraordinarily composed material and to make statements about the function and economic importance of these sites, Dr. Saryn Schlotfeldt submitted an application for funding for a research project in the "Pro*Niedersachsen - Cultural Heritage - Collections and Objects" program in 2021, which has now been granted by the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture. The project is expected to start in October 2022 at the NIhK.