First archaeological experiences for the young - the NIhK presents itself at the “Long Night of Science”

Together with 11 other scientific institutions from the Wilhelmshaven area, the NIhK presented its research at the "Long Night of Science" organized by the NWDUG in the Wilhelmshaven Botanical Garden. The event was opened with greetings from the state government and the city administration delivered by State Secretary Prof. Dr. Joachim Schachtner and Mayor Gesche Marxfeld. The NIhK participated in the lecture program and gave thereby an insight into the research on the Stone Age settlement history of the Elbe-Weser triangle as well as into current investigations on the importance of hillforts that were built by Vikings and Frisians during the 10th century AD. In addition, the NIhK team had set up one of its excavation tents. There, and in the adjacent areas, the methods used at the NIhK were presented to the visitors in practice and thus an insight into the daily work was given. The visitors could learn among other things, how knowledge about the history of landscapes can be gained by examining drill cores, how information about the diet of our ancestors can be obtained by analysing plant remains from prehistoric graves or settlements, or how high-precision surveying methods can provide information about the driving characteristics of prehistoric and early historical watercrafts. A special highlight, however, turned out to be a simulated excavation in which the uncovering and documentation of archaeological features and finds were explained. Numerous children took the opportunity to make their first experiences with archaeology. They went about their work with such enthusiasm that the original pedagogical approach had to be largely abandoned.