Science Minister Falko Mohrs obtains information from the NIhK

On May 12, 2023, Lower Saxony's Minister for Science and Culture, Falko Mohrs, visited the NIhK to gain an insight into the institute's current research. At the start, the minister was welcomed by the staff in the lecture hall, where the directors of the institute gave a summary of the history reaching back to the 1930s, but also reported on the current research of the institute and its focal points. During the following tour through the institute, Minister Mohrs gained an insight into the preparation of samples in the laboratory and their examination with the help of various microscopic methods, including digital microscopes, which are used to analyse the materials recovered during excavations, such as fruits, seeds, charcoal, but also pottery shards or textile fragments. In addition, the minister got an impression of the documentation and evaluation of borehole profiles as well as the find magazine of the NIhK, in which the finds recovered during archaeological excavations are stored. At the farewell, Minister Mohrs was deeply impressed by the thematic diversity and the interdisciplinary nature of the investigations being carried out at the institute, but also by the successful acquisition of funds from private foundations, the German Research Foundation and the funding programs of Lower Saxony.