Public presentation of the expanded 2nd edition of the East Frisia book by Karl Ernst Behre

The long-time head of the NIhK, Prof. Dr. Karl Ernst Behre remained loyal to interdisciplinary coastal and settlement research even after his retirement in 2000. Since then, he has made it his particular task to make his knowledge accessible to the interested public through lectures, newspaper articles and in book form. The complex history of the landscape, vegetation and settlement of the East Frisian Peninsula plays such an important role in Prof. Behre's research that he presented it in a richly illustrated monograph published in 2014. The great interest in this volume is shown by the fact that it has been sold out for years. It is all the more pleasing that Prof. Behre has now presented a second, content-revised and thematically expanded edition, which was presented to the public on January 23, 2024 in the state hall of the Ostfriesische Landschaft in Aurich. The volume is written in German language and entitled „Ostfriesland vom Dollart bis zur Jade. Die Geschichte der Landschaft und ihrer Besiedlung“; it is edited by the NIhK and published by the Ostfriesische Landschaft publishing house. Thanks to the generous funding from the Gerd Möller-Stiftung, the Werner-Brune-Stiftung, the Ten Doornkaat-Koolman- Stiftung and the Wasser- und Bodenverbände Friesland, it was possible to provide the funds necessary for printing, so that the volume is now available can be purchased in bookstores.