A Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) in archaeological research – a proven bridge to the future

With the high school diploma in your pocket in the summer of 2024, there are many options open to you: should you first go on a trip abroad or would you rather start vocational training? Maybe studying would be the right option? Anyone who is currently dealing with these or similar questions and is also interested in researching past cultures should think about a voluntary social year in archaeology or monument preservation, as has been offered at the NIhK in Wilhelmshaven since 2010. In the research projects run by the institute, the FSJ members can experience in practice how archaeological excavations are carried out in the coastal areas of the North and Baltic Seas and how the objects found are recovered and preserved, but also how one finds out how the climate, the landscape and vegetation have changed over the past 10,000 years. In the past, numerous young archaeologists, excavation technicians and restorers have found their dream career through the practical experience of the FSJ at the NIhK and are active in researching and preserving our cultural heritage ever since. So if you want to be the next FSJ student at the NIhK, just apply!