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Thorsten Becker

Master of Arts (M.A.)


Research associate

Tel.: +49 4421 50 70 870






Curriculum vitae
since 2021Dissertation on the topic of: Castles between boglands and the sea. Topographic-historical studies on Frisian chieftainship.
since 02/2018Research associate at the NIhK, Wilhelmshaven
2017-2018Research assistant at AGIL – Office for Applied Archaeology, Reppenstedt
2017Graduate Master-of-Arts (M.A.) at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Hamburg
Thesis: Ein Siedlungsplatz der Michelsberger Kultur bei Maintal-Hochstadt. Auswertung und Befundanalyse der Keramik der Grabungen 2013 und 2014
2015-2016Student research assistant in the REGIOBRANDING joint project (Federal Ministry of Education an Research), research partner University of Hamburg
2013Graduate Bachelor-of-Arts at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Hamburg
2011-2014Student research assistant in the Department of Archaeology, University of Hamburg, in several externally funded projects
2009-2017Study of Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology and Philosophy at the University of Hamburg


Research priorities
Archaeology of settlement and cultural landscape development
Computer applications in archaeology (GIS, geophysics, 3D-modelling)


Current research topics


Memberships, honorary offices