geoCore - QGIS plugin for creating graphical representations of geoscientific drillings

In the research of the NIhK, the collaboration between natural sciences and archeology forms the core of the work. In many projects, the digital data from excavations, boreholes, geophysical measurements, etc. are collated and also evaluated together. The free geoinformation system Qgis is mostly used to blend the information. However, there was no simple way to display drilling profiles, as these were previously generated by special software. In order to simplify this work, but also to achieve a high degree of flexibility in the possibility of individual display, a QGis plugin was developed by der T-systems onsite service GmbH in Wilhelmshaven and the NIhK, which enables drilling profiles and profile sections to be created. A first version is now online and can be installed via the extension manager in QGis. The code is available open source - this and other goals can be found on github.