New Research project focuses on boats and ships of the 1st millennium AD

It has long been known that the north German rivers and streams were important components of the transport infrastructure for many millennia. Especially for the 1st millennium AD, it can be said that boats and ships carried goods of all kinds, but also people and animals, especially when they were to be transported over long distances in a way that saves energy. However, if you ask what properties the watercraft had, you find that little is known about them, as the few boat and ship relicts that have been salvaged have so far hardly been investigated. This also applies to the imposing boat exhibited in the Museum Burg Bederkesa, district of Cuxhaven, in which a man was buried 1600 years ago on the edge of the Wurt Fallward.

In order to close this research gap, the expert on historical boats and ships Dr. Mike Belasus, will in summer 2021 start to investigate the relevant objects in the museums of north-western Germany. One of his goals is to reconstruct their sailing characteristics. The project will be based at the NIhK and carried out in Cooperation with experts from Denmark, Ireland and Norway. The financing of the project has recently been secured for 3 years thanks to funding from the Pro* Niedersachsen program of the Lower Saxony state government.