Latest volume of "Settlement and Coastal Research" delivered!

On January 24, 2023, volume 45 of the journal "Settlement and Coastal Research in the Southern North Sea Region" – abbreviated SKN – published by the NIhK was delivered to Wilhelmshaven by the Marie Leidorf publishing house. The nine articles contained in this volume present the results of current research that has been carried out at NIhK Wilhelmshaven in recent years. The topics presented cover a wide spectrum, ranging from the scientific analysis of prehistoric pottery finds, to the reconstruction of palaeo-landscapes from different periods, to questions of software development for archaeological purposes. Two articles present current research on medieval hillforts and fortifications from the North Sea coast which has led to numerous new insights into the respective social conditions. The volume also contains preliminary reports on two projects, dedicated on the one hand to the investigation of properties of vessels used during the 1st millennium AD on the rivers of the North Sea coast and on the other to the identification and description of the consequences that climatic changes had – such as the late antique Little Ice Age or the late medieval Little Ice Age – on the lives of the societies affected.