Investigating Frisian forts

Sponsored by the State of Lower Saxony, the project "Manifestation of Power" investigates late medieval fortifications, the Frisian chieftains’ former seats, within the bounds of the East Frisian peninsula. In March, a team comprising Dr. Stefan Krabath, Dr. Kirsten Hüser, Thorsten Becker M.A., Dirk Dallaserra and Emma Hadré B.A. realised geomagnetic surveys at 15 sites in the municipalities of Hinte, Friesland, Krummhörn, Südbrookmerland and the city of Wilhelmshaven. The method applied utilises anomalies in soil magnetism caused by archaeological features in order to uncover relicts of former moats, walls, pits and buildings. The team provides an in-depth look at the method as well as the most recent results in a freshly featured posting at the Hypotheses Blog for East Frisian History (in German language).