Results of the Elsfleth project published in 2 volumes!

The Roman Iron Age river market of Elsfleth, located at the confluence of the Hunte and Weser rivers, has been in focus of common research of the NIhK and the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum (DBM) in Bochum. The project was based on an interdisciplinary research approach and funded by the German Research Foundation. The results obtained have now been published in two volumes of the NIhK-series “Studies on Landscape and Settlement History in the Southern North Sea Area” (SLSN). Volume 12 contains the results of the archaeological excavations, which were evaluated by Saryn Schlotfeldt in her dissertation, while Volume 13 presents the archaeometallurgical investigations carried out by Stephen Merkel at the DBM. Both volumes are available at Verlag Marie Leidorf.